Macadamcar presents a full range of artist facility vehicles intended to film makings, other audiovisual productions as well as festivals and events. Thanks to Macadamcar, you are able to rest assured to find the best functional artist facility vehicle matching your needs and budget.

Our vehicles are available all over Europe. Over the different film makings, our facility vehicle range is becoming more and more differentiated, in order to offer a wide range of services and tariff schemes adapted to any type of production.

How does it work in practical terms?

For every new project, Macadamcar anticipates the needs of the new film making and submits a full quote within 24 hours!
Our high responsiveness is a real asset when time has a cost for you!
During the film making, our technicians take care of the maintenance and stand-by, in order to guarantee to everyone peace of mind and the best working conditions.
They also coordinate all the artist facility vehicle journeys between the various film making places.