Macadamcar is the top-ranking specialist of the rent of facility vehicles intended to film makings, video clip and photo shootings as well as festivals and events.

Macadamcar has a unique range of artist facility vehicles and offers a full service with affordable costs to the Belgian and international productions.
Our experience includes any type of film production anywhere in Europe (from the movie makings to the commercials, music video clips, photo shootings, etc.)

As a fully reliable technical partner, Macamacar has 100% customized solutions for you, thanks to our field teams and our enthousiast partners. We are always available to answer your queries and … with punctuality!

Practical and functional, all our artist facility vehicles are adapted according to your requirements and are available anywhere according to your film making requirements.

Film productions also trust Macadamcar for the global management of the film facility vehicles full fleet during the film making: administrative procedures, vehicles installations, technical maintenance, stand-by and journeys between the various film making places.

A VIP service... because they’re worth it!

Long or short film making, small budget or big international production, our teams are very caring for your artists and your staffs (of make-up staff, hairdressers, dressers and producers) and install for them comfortable infrastructures where they can create, work and rest.
Macadamcar is able to carefully follow any strictest working schedule, or even the most unexpected one.

The fidelity of the production firms having created the most beautiful film and audiovisual productions are at the heart of our enthusiasm !