Movie vehicles

Cinema also creates the legend thanks to its beautiful bodies!

We have always been passionate for the Classic Cars, and are well-known for our responsiveness and creativity in terms of film vehicles for film makings.

Macadamcar is able to offer you an infinite range of film vehicles.

Our favorite challenge: to answer « yes » to your craziest queries!
A vehicle intended to an explosion or a stunt, a boat, a plane, an helicopter… and why not the Batman’s car?

Our success and the fidelity of our customers are to be explained thanks to our staffs’ precision, our responsiveness and, last but not least, our punctuality.


1. We find out the needed vehicles: before the film making, our specialists are searching for your required vehicles. Our numerous contacts all over Europe and the United States help us to get the best results.

2. We entirely manage the transport :
  • Ocean freight (if needed)
  • Administrative procedures
  • Delivery on stage
  • Journeys between the different shooting places.
3. The film vehicle management during the film making:
  • The possible conversion
  • The installation
  • The driving (if needed)